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Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

 The kids had a blast trick or treating.  They were exhausted afterward, and Ian was starving!  He kept saying, "Mom, please!  We really need to find a resturant."  Ian was Wall-e, Sophie was Tinkerbell, and Breyden was a ghost pirate. 

The little lady bug was the first costume I ever made. 

I made this costume for my cousin's little boy Brock.  His daddy is overseas right now.  Its made from some of his daddy's old camis.

I had to make Sophie's costume twice because I some how made it 4" to short the first time!  Apparently, I wasn't paying very close attention when I cut.

This is him "going in his box"...he means shutting down like Wall-e does at!

Ian's costume was made entirely from scratch.  I even made the Wall-E.  I had planned on buying it, but they are not very cute and really expensive.  So I started looking for a tutorial, and I found a few made from boxes that had been painted, but I'm not really into painting and I couldn't see spending all that time painting something that would get crushed and dirty and I would end up having to throw it away, so then I decided to make just make a slip cover for a box that way I can throw it in the washer and if the box gets crushed I can just get another one.

Ian loved it!  And it was a big hit with all the other kids too!  Everytime Ian would take it off all the kids would have to take a turn with it!

I really enjoyed making these costumes.  Especially the wall-e one because its so different from what I usually do.

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LenaLoo said...

Oh sooo cute! This is one of my favorite movies! So smart to make a slip cover! I am all about reusable costumes!

Home Hinges said...

All of your costumes are wonderful and the kids look so cute. It's fun to see them happy and excited on Halloween. Wall-E is great! Way to get into character. Thanks for visiting my site and for the compliments.
April @

Megan said...

I love that green color that Tinkerbell is wearing. All the kids look adorable and you did an excellent job on the ladybug costume, too!

Patty said...

Love, love, love the Wall-E. How original!

Anonymous said...

those little tykes are completely adorable, and their costumes are too! You're really a talented seamstress. Looks like it was the best Hallowe'en ever!

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