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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Window Shoppin' Wednesday

I am in love.....with a fanny pack!!!!!!!!!!  Well,  Kinies calls it a ruffled waist purse...but who we kidding?  You can be hands free and stylish and no one will ever know it is a....huuuuuh....fanny pack...well, unless they see you pulling your lipstick out of it, but let's face it who cares?  It's awesome!  Who would have ever thought someone could make a fanny pack this fabuolous?!?

And while we are on adorable purses...take a look at this one from LM CreationI absoulutely love the colors!

And have we discussed my new found love for corduroy yet?  Well, if we haven't let me tell you...I am officially in love with the stuff!  My favorite local fabric shop has tons of lightweight corduroy and I am just dying to make myself a dress from it.  This one won't fit me...but I wish it would!  It looks so comfy!  You have got to check out all the adorable things Emmi Lee Designs has in her shop! 

This necklace from Babette World is soooooo pretty....

How awesome are these recycled snowflake diecuts from
42 ThingsThey would be perfect for gift tags or scrapbooking.

This little marshmallow launcher from The Talking Tree looks so fun!  I am going to have to get one of these for Ian!  And if you use coupon code:  BIGOAK10 you get 10% off!

I would be one happy lady if I found these little babies from Laurn Eliza Jewelry under the tree Christmas morning...oh sooooo pretty.

I think any little girl would be happy to have this on there wall!  I know I would!  You should definately check out Orque Shaw's WalldecorsRight now they are offering a free fish or bird decal for orders of $30 or more!


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