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Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Decoration

So I was supposed to share my favorite Christmas decoration with you after the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, but I didn't have the right lights then when I got them I realized my holes where too small to fit them...since it's been crazy here lately, I haven't had time to go back and make them bigger, so I'll just show you what I have got. It still looks pretty nice, but it is so much more magical looking when the lights go all the way through the hole because it lights up the entire cup, so anyway, here it is...

See only the bulbs of my lights fit through the hole in the bottom...guess I should have checked the size before I made all of the holes too small, huh?

What you'll need

string of Christmas lights (saw at Wal-Mart they have to led lights for mini Christmas trees with only 60 lights and you can get them with a white cord..that would be the best bet for this project)
2 packs (about50) of those clear short plastic cups ( I used Chinet crystal helps conceal the hot glue and make for extra spakle)
Hi temp glue gun
Low temp glue gun
lots of glue

All you have to do is make a hole in the bottom of all your cups, just big enough for one light to fit should go up to the cord.  This is kind of tedious so go watch tv or something.  Make sure you don't push too hard because it will crack, just put the tip of the hi temp glue gun up against the center of the bottom of the cup and let it work it's way through then swirl it around until the hole is big enough.  Once you have a hole in the bottom of all the cups, glue them together to form a ball.  Start with one and glue six around it,  from there you just have to glue them so that you have as few gaps as possible because they are not going to fit together perfectly.  I used 49 cups but you may have to use all fifty...just depends on how they fit together.  Once you have your ball of cups start in the top center (that first cup) and put one
 light through each of the holes.  Then plug it in and you are done!

Don't forget to post to my Flickr group if you make one!  I would love to see it!


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