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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mom help! My toe is stuck in the spoon! what I heard around 7 pm last night.   Let's go back a bit...Ian woke up around 12am Thursday morning and apparently his cold has turned into brochitis causing him to have an asthma attack just about every hour on the hour until midnight last night.  I should explain that he doesn't have acute asthma...I actually don't even know what you call the asthma he has but it is basically a coughing spell that lasts about 20-30 min...we are talking constant coughing.  So we spent most of the day on the couch with him crying and saying "Oh mom I just wish I would feel so much better."  I finally got him on antibiotics around three in the afternoon, and he finally was starting to feel a little better so I was trying feverishly to finish my week one project for Project Toddler Runway because as usual the hour I had left to work on it turned out to be quite a few hours....that I didn't have because I was busy taking care of Ian....and that's when I heard it...Ian yelling "Mom help! My toe is stuck in the spoon!"  I was only one room over and could not imagine what he was talking about and I was a little panic stricken until I got into the room and saw what he had done.

So here is the culprit:

A ladel from Sophies play kitchen!  He had put the handle on his big toe couldn't get it out!  I easily removed it then fell onto the floor laughing and he was so mad at me!  "Mom that's not funny!" he said, but I couldn't help myself it was just one of those things.  Later, before I put him to bed I really knew he must be feeling better when he told me "Mom, can I have my breathing treatment on the other couch?  I spilled my cereal all over that one."  I said "Aw man,  Ian.  Why's you do that?"  To which he very seriously replied, "Well, mom.  You shouldn't have let me eat on the couch."....Now what can you say to that? 

And one more thing he told me yesterday:

I was on the phone with my mom, debating whether or not to bring him to the hospital and he was in the bathroom.  He must have overheard me saying I didn't know what to do because he came out the bathroom and said "oh mom, no one knows what to do with me"  I guess it's not that funny when I type it but you should hear the way he says's really hilarious! 

I haven't posted any pics of the family lately so here are just some random pics I like from the last couple of weeks.

He is so funny!

Doesn't my mom's new kitchen look awesome?  It isnt quite finished but once it is completely done I will do a before and after wont believe the before! was bad!

Such a sweetie!

So, uh, you gonna eat that?

Beer & Boudin!
When I went to take this pic of my dad and grandma she goes, "Now sissy! (that's what the fly. calls me on my dad's side) I can't believe you gonna catch me with my beer and boudin!"  hehe

My parents and sisters...Stacy had to work : (

Another one I found of the kitchen...ever since they redid their kitchen Ian keeps telling me "Mom, I think its time for you to buy a new kitchen.  This one's kind of old."  Lol...if only it were that easy!

This is me and my cousin Amanda...and that expression on her face is cause she found out I'm Grandma's fav! ya Manda!

Am I in trouble?

A haaattt!!
...if you look at his mouth you can see thats what he was saying.

My sister got them all cowboy hats for Christmas...aren't they cute!

My dad and hubby love to cook...we call my dad Emeril and Stacy ~Bobby.

My sisters boyfriend testing his new cologne...

Sophie and Maw
Sophie is typically to herself so it made Maw's night when Sophie asked to sit on her lap.

Maw & Paw

Um, what can I say...he loves shoes and he's not picky...I think I'll get this one framed for his first!

Thank God Santa brought boots to replace those red high heels.

Oh and funny story about those red high heels..
 a couple weeks ago my mom had been having stomach pain that she thought was her appendix so she went to the hospital straight from work.  They ended up doing a MRI so she had to put on a hospital gown.  Well, she did want to walk on the floor with her bare feet so she kept her red heels on.  She was tired so she laid on the bed in her shoes and hospital gown and closed her eyes.  Then the nurse  came in and their she was laying there in her hospital gown and red high heels....she said you should have seen the look on the nurses face when she saw my shoes...I think she thought I was a mental

Is he the cutest cowboy ever or what...move over Luke Perry!

Me and my sister Kristen

Jaime, Aunt Barbara, Grandma, Aunt Monica, and Maw Maw Rose
(she has I think 8 great great that awesome or what!)

Licking the sugar out the bottom of the doughnut box

Cookin' with PaPaw

Emeril and all you other so called cajun chefs out there...this is what gumbo is supposed to look like!  It's not me I'll give you the recipe...hehe...this is one of the few things I do know how to cook...

And this is how you cook it...oh yeah, that's how we roll in cajun country...get it dad actually made this burner.

Cutie pie!

I know his eyes are closed but I love his little smile!

She came in my room in the am and said mom come fix my coffee milk and by the time I went get Breyden out of bed and walked to the living room she was out! ♥


Lauranie said...

Hope everyone is all healed up!! My oldest has "almost asthma"...that's what I call it, because she doesn't HAVE asthma, but she goes through "spells"..her coughing is soooo hard!! Thankfully it doesn't last as long as your sweeties' but it sounds scary!! LOVE your momma's kitchen!! I need a new one too..mine's old! :) And your dad should market and SELL his burner...too cool!!! And Gumbo is DEFINITELY NOT red!!! Tell 'em girl!

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