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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tutus & Ties Birthday Party

We had Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party this weekend.  The theme was tutus & ties.  I was going to do it all blue and pink and damask and dots like the invite, but then the hubs took her shopping and came back with dora plates and cups, princess ballons, and beach themed cupcakes!  So there went that idea!  But like my friend Krystal said, oh well she can say she planned her own party because she picked everything out!  All the kids had a great time too!  All the girls wore their tutus, but I didn't have time to make the boys ties, and they would have been the only ones wearing ties if I made them wear the ones they had already so I just let them wear their regular clothes....

See this was going to be my inspiration....pretty, huh!
I had great plans!  A tulle table cloth  with pretty blue ruffles.  Peanut butter Brownie cupcakes with white icing and the little cupcake toppers to match the invite, and the matching banner.  The boys were each going to have a little clip on tie made by me and a super hero mask.  The girls were going to have a crown and fairy wand, but procrastination, and too much on my plate got the best of me!   I don't think any of the kids minded....what do you think?

Passed Out

Nanny & Baby Brock

Oh, he was sooooo tired!

Tutus & 4 Wheelers...gotta love it!

Cutie Pie

He's always got to climb on something!


Sooo sooo tired!

I love these!

Why does he always think food is a hat???

Don't ya just want to kiss him?

He loves his daddy.

Thanks for all the pics Jen!  I'll have to book you for my next party!  Do you accept sugar free peanut butter browines as payment?...hehe

Do I really have to sit by all these girls and tutus?

Doesn't this look like it should be on a card!

We're just so pretty.....

Such a ham!

Enjoying her cupcake....and yes she is doing this for the camera!

I think she was happy about this present!

Surprisingly, she was just as excited about the cards as she was the presents.  She is still carrying them around in her backpack.

Thanks for the present big brother.  Ian picked her out a phone, princess purse, and shoes.

Getting a little shy with all eyes on her.

How ya like my cake decorating skills??

Oh, wait.  I think shes over it!

Yep, she is!

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AliLilly said...

SO SWEET!! It looked like a GREAT party!! :)

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