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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ask Anna...

To help our Extreme Makeover contestants get their fabric stash and craft space organized, Bree and I asked Anna of Ask Anna to answer questions from our contestants.  If you haven't already checked out her blog, you must go check it out!  She gives great, practical advice for cleaning,  organizing, and decorating.  She also posts great recipes every Sunday and has meal planning tips!  You can even send her you own questions!  So go check her out!


My biggest question is what is the best way to use a very small space to store all of my craft and sewing supplies? I have to get everything out and then put everything away again because I don't have craft room. Most of the time I use my kitchen table to craft and sew. What is the best storage to use when you are constantly picking it up? Thanks so much for your help.


We live in a farely small space as well and I don't have a craft room either. To solve this problem I recommend stackable storage containers. This is a great way to store your craft items because each basket can be organized by products and then labeled. This maximizes the vertical space in your room so that everything doesn't have to be laid out all over your horizontal space.

These pictures are from but I have seen all of these products at my local Big Lots and Wal*Mart as well. I love the second and third options because if you need something quickly you can just reach your hand in and grab it without even having to unstack them. However the first option is great as well because they have handles to make them easier to transport from your room to the table.

They also sell much smaller baskets that you can use to organize the items within each of these containers. I got some stackable 3x3 baskets at the dollar store that I use to organize the items within my larger baskets. For example you could store buttons, needles, etc. in the smaller containers so that they aren't cluttering up the larger basket.

I hope this helps you to maximize your small space and to de-clutter your craft stuff!


Thanks Anna!  Great advice!  I love tip about the smaller baskets in the larger ones!  I definately need to do that! 


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