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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm still here!!!!!

Hey everybody!  I am sorry I have been sorta MIA for the last couple months...craft, sewing, tutorial wise....I have just had so much going on lately between orders, Spring Fling, Extreme Makeover, then being sick for the last few weeks!  Ugh!  It has been rough!  Especially the being sick part.  I was sick for two weeks to the point that I laid on the couch almost the entire two weeks.  My poor kiddos lived off of pop tarts, peanut butter sandwiches, apples, and chicken nuggets!  Week 3 was a little better but still almost no energy, but finally week 4 and while I still have a horrible cough mom says I sound like I have heartworms...Thanks Mom...  lol Anyhow, I am feeling much better, but I still get fatigued really easily.  So, I took a break from blogging unless it was a post I absolutely had to put up and have just started sewing again after majorly cleaning my house....wanna see what it looked like after 3 weeks of the kiddos having free reign???  Here ya go....

Okay so apparently, I didn't take as many "before pics" as I thought, but it was BAD!!!!

And 2 days of cleaning and 5 bags of toys given to a friend later.....

pretty sad that after getting rid of 5 trash bags full of toys I still can't fit them all in the closets....AND we have 2 birthdays coming up in the next two months...geez!!!  seriously, it's not me!  My hubby is a big softy and thinks he has to buy them something everytime he leaves the house...ugh!

yay!  I actually found all the puzzle pieces!!!

Okay so I still need to clean off the top of the dresser...and the bed...

ooo! look at little space left in Sophie's room! lol

And this one is just for those of you who didn't believe me about her closet being half tutus! lol

Hope to have some fun posts up soon!  Made a romper, two dresses and working on some drapes now...even practiced crochet a little while laying on the couch...I am determined to learn now more than ever since the doily dress!  Dying to get my doilies in, but I guess it's good that I have to wait because I couldn't make it now anyhow...sigh.


james said...

glad you're feeling better. hope you get to 100% soon.

* Taci * said...

Look at that fun room. My kids would ditch me if they saw your house!!
xoxoxoxoxo I still really love your awesome blog!! I'm going to find your button and add it to the other maintenance I am doing on my blog!

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