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Thursday, May 26, 2011

More pics from my trip ~ Rosedown Plantation

These pics are from a plantation we visited called Rosedown.  It is absolutely stunning!  The gardens are a mix of formal around the house and picturesque on the rest of the grounds.  The lady of the house who originally planted them kept very detailed journals of what was planted where, so they are almost identical to what they would have been back in the 1800's.  Most people think I am crazy, but I so wish we ladies still wore those big gorgeous gowns everyday!  And fyi, I have a post coming up about the clothes.  Ms. Anne at Butler Greenwood (click here to see my pics from Butler Greenwood)  has tons of clothes and let me take pictures of some of them me to share them with that will be coming up amazing what they did by hand!

This wood is so smooth.  It's incredible....almost like someone sanded it.

These two pics are my favorites.  These flowers wher just floating in the fountain, almost like they were waiting there to be photographed.

This is the shed.  I wish I had a floor like this in my kitchen!

These are the formal gardens closer to the house.

This is the kitchen

Could you just imagine living here...

I love the details...

This wall paper is a replica of the original and it took over 2000 plates to stamp it out!  It's actually printed on fabric if I am remembering correctly.  btw: sorry it's flash allowed...

This is from the journal I mentioned....


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