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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, I've got a fun change coming to the blog tonight!  Well, it won't be ready until tomorrow, but I am super excited about it.  Also, I am really missing Sew Crafty Saturday, so I am thinking of bringing it back.  I know there are a gazillion linky parties, but I really enjoyed hosting.  BUT, what I am really excited about is that I saw Bella of Bella Before and After do a What I Wore Post, and I am a huge fashion lover, so I was thinking it would be fun to do a "What I Wore Wednesday" linky...or something like that.  It would give us moms...well at least the SAH ones...a good reason to dress up and we could share fashion tips, get input from each other.  I think it would be really fun!  So what do you think?  Would you link up each week?  Got any cute name ideas for it?  Would you like to do both or just one, and if so, which one???  Thanks guys!  Have I ever told you, you rock?  No.  Weeeeelllll, ya' do!  ;)


Suze said...

I do miss your linking party also and I think the other will be a great idea so I am up for both :)

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

i love WIWW posts. I link each week to one at momma go round and the pleated poppy.
not sure on a cleaver name though. said...

Oh April, you are TOO SWEET. My gosh, I'm flattered that MY post inspired you to host this new party, gosh, (blushing).

I tell you what girl, yesterday I was looking though WEDNESDAY link parties and there just doesn't seem to be any good ones. Then I remembered WIWW and I already took the pics on Sunday so it was ready to go.

I think it's refreshing to get dressed up even if it's only to show all of you, lol. I would LOVE to be a part of the party, and would you be up for it if I said I would LOVE to cohost it with you. Because I would, I would REALLY LOVE that. Please let me know what you think girl.

I personally wanted to start some kind of WIWW but also do a fitness review. Check in with everyone every Wednesday if you want, and share your weight loss, working out routine, healthy eating tips, new hairdos, makeup, WHATEVER makes us feel good, and get dressed up. If we have a goal to fit in an old pair of jeans, I'd love to see updates on how we are working hard to get healthy, and reach that goal, etc.

Sorry about all that extra stuff April, it's just a thought that was going through my head, lol. I would love Wednesdays to be a place of inspiration for us mommas, we need to stick together you know.

Alrighty girl, bottom line, I'm super excited for another WIWW party, and hopefully we can do it together :)

Hugs, Bella
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