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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Appliqued Bandanna Dress & getting my PhD in Sewing!

Sheesh!  This is how I feel lately!  I haven't been able to finish anything!  I was working on a pattern remix for one of my sponsors, and I got almost done and couldn't figure out how to get it the way I wanted.  Finally, I had to set it aside and start something else for a while.  I cut out a kitchen curtain for my mother in law, but then I couldn't decide what to do because she just keeps telling me to do what I want...I hate making decisions for other people!  Even thought she's easy going, I just keep worrying that I will make the one thing she won't like!  Then, I cut out another dress, and realized I didn't have any interfacing for it, and haven't been able to go get any...the closest place that has the interfacing I like is a 45 min drive...  Then, I drew up the pattern for Fashion & Flair Friday's knockoff, and cut it out only to discover I don't have enough fabric!  Bleh!  I just can't seem to get anything finished lately! 

But, I do have some pics of Sophie's Saints Bandanna Dress!  I just made a basic pillowcase dress and appliqued a fleur de lis in the center...I think it came out really cute.


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