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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My New Paint Color

I don't know how well you will be able to see the difference, but it is a HUGE one to me!

I have hated this yellow since the first day we painted the room this color.  Of course, it was a big improvement over this....

How ya like those mirrors in the fireplace???

Me & my sisters had a blast ripping up this carpet!...We left the wall paper removal to my mom...

So even though I hated the paint colors...ya' know it coulda been worse!  lol

See much better than before...even with that hideous yellow!

So here's my new's Woodlawn Snow by Valspar.  FYI they say you only need one coat, but I had to do two anyway because I skipped so many places...Probably wouldn't be an issue with a darker color, but when this was wet it looked white and with the glare of the light on the walls, you just couldn't see when you were missing spots, but I would buy that Hi-Def one again because I really could tell that the color saturation was there. I think it's worth the extra $$, especially if you aren't planning on painting again anytime soon.  Oh, and just ignore the lack of trim work at the top...I didn't bother to do it because once I repaint the kitchen, I am going to add another molding to beef up the small one we have.

I also moved the dining room table into the kitchen.  I was worried it would be too big, but it's actually a perfect fit!  I want to take the chandelier from the dining room and move it in her too, but I haven't told the hubby

I am going to recover the dining room table chairs, and that chair by the fireplace is going to be recovered too.  The fireplace is going to get  an overhaul because I despise painted brick, but I mean you saw the I said...could be worse.

This blue fabric is what I want to use to make my curtains, but it's really expensive so I am still searching for something I love at least half as much, but still stashing money away.  I figure if I haven't found something else by the time I saved up the money for this, then it was meant to be.

And I am going to use a gold like that one all the way at the bottom to make my shades.  I may go with something shear...I haven't really decided yet.  I just think the gold will be pretty with the curtain fabric.

I think this is the fabric I will use to recover the chair by the fire place, but I am still searching.

The other side is going to be made into more of a seating area/family room.  My mom is going to give me a love seat that I'll recover.  We plan on getting a flat screen and putting it above the fireplace, so that entertainment center will go somewhere else...and likely get a paint job. I am thinking of using it for storage in the dining/sewing room...okay let's just call it the sewing room cause that's really what it's used for.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but I am so happy that after 3 years in this house I finally feel like I have a decorating plan.  I have always felt really overwhelmed by the whole process, but I don't know it's like suddenly it just all came together for me...mostly thanks to all the creative ladies out in blog land.  I've learned so much over the last couple yrs since I started reading blogs, and it's like all of a sudden, I just feel like I can do it!  Can't wait!  : )


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love before & after-ish posts like this. very inspiring!

ShirleyC said...

I just replied to your email. Thanks so much. I think your house is looking great.
I'm wondering where you live as I see "Louisiana" related items in your pictures.
I live in N. Louisiana.

Mary Nolte said...

you havebeen quite busy! what a difference, particuarly the kitchen. as a color consultant i help people pick colors THEY like & look great! My point is that the yellow that you hated looked very nice, as does the Valspar color you chose. The important thing is that YOU love it! nice job! BTW***even though some paints are advertised to cover in 1 coat, they don't. also, darker colors always need two coats, sometimes more depending on quite a few variables.
Wishing you a brightly colored day,
Mary Nolte
Kaleidoscope Color Consulting

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