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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organizing my sewing room...

One of the largest problems we have in our house is clutter!  There's stuff everywhere!  And the only way I can describe it is that it makes me feel like I've got bats flying around my head!  lol  Does that make sense???  Anywho, so I looked around at which room was the worst, and it was my sewing room!  It was horrible!

Need proof???  Here ya' go...

So first things first.  The biggest problem is my fabric stash...It was waaaayyyy outta control, so I went through it and got rid of all my scraps.  I figured if I hadn't used them by now, I wasn't going to.  I did keep a few that I absolutely loved, but it was maybe a handful.

Then, I took everything that was a yard or less and folded it using this tutorial, only I modified it so that the end result would fit into the tupperware drawers I had.  The fabric I had that was more that a yard, I folded so that it would fit in my hutch (there's a pic at the bottom of the post).

I used a scrap piece of cardboard cut down to the size I needed instead of a ruler.

Once I had folded it all, I arranged it in a color order that looked nice to me.

Then, I stacked it on it's side in the drawers.

The bottom drawer was stuffed with felt sheets and scraps.  I threw most of the scraps away.

And filed the foam and felt sheets in my file desk drawer (which I now use as my sewing table since I moved the dining room table into the kitchen...did ya' catch that from the first few pics???)

I put my PDF patterns and patterns I've drawn myself in letter sized envelopes.

I stored my buttons, zippers, velcro, etc (pretty much any type of fastener) in a tupperware shoe box ($1 each at walmart).  Trims and bias tapes in another.

I cut up a diaper box and wrapped my lose trims around the cardboard and pinned it in place before putting it in the shoe box.  If you want something fancier, these are a nice option, but no one will ever see mine and I figured the price is right...not to mention it keeps the boxes out of landfills!

The trims I couldn't pin down, I stored in a small jewelry box I had lying around.

I stored all the loose buttons I had in an extra art know the kind that kids have to get to store colors & glue for school...also $1 at walmart.

Here's what's left in my hutch after my organizing.

I store regular patterns in some photo boxes I got on clearance a while back.

All my trims and random craft stuff stacked in shoe boxes at the bottom of my dining room hutch.  I just grouped them into catagories like i did with the trims and fasteners above.

Here's another tupperware drawer set I had from my sister.  I put all the other random craft stuff I had in here...once again I tried to keep things as together as possible... categorically speaking that is.

I've definitely still got a long ways to go on this project...especially since my next step is to use up most of my fabric stash by making all the things I bought the fabric for in the first place, but at least it's an improvement, and now that I know what I have, I can actually use these things instead of having to go out and buy more stuff because I can't find what I need!


La La Lauren!!! said...

omg i just went through my sewing room this christmas break and wow I have a lot of stuff too! You did a great job cleaning up your room. I am glad I am not the only one who has a lot of fabric. One of my new years resolutions is to get rid of fabric. I have decided to start sewing for charity, like pillowcase dresses and baby items. Baby items are great for using up scraps! :)

ps love reading your blog!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Great job with your organizing! I have a hutch that is waiting for paint that will house most of my sewing stuff. Good luck keeping it this nice! ;)

April said...

Thanks Lauren! Good luck on yours too! Doing it for charity is a great idea!

Kelly said...

Nice work! My dining room is also my sewing room and my husband is starting to get annoyed with the mess. I'm in the process of organizing it, but this gave me some inspiration! :)

Mrs. Butler said...

haha, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who "naturally" organizes projects by just piling up the Joann's and Hobby Lobby bags they came in! :) Looks great! I wish I had space to organize all my crafty stuff like this!

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