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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sequins, Feathers, & Fur! Oh my!

I am so glad that I made it into this weeks challenge....sequins, feathers, and fur!  oh my!  You know I love all the fluffy over the top stuff....well, maybe you don't, so if you don't know, allow me to tell you now.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE over the top ruffly fluffly stuff, big skirts, high heels.  Seriously, I cannot wait to get started!  My dress last week was The Charleston.  I just barely squeaked by the first two weeks.  So hopefully, I can do better this week!  Here are the pics.

I drew out a pattern, but it needs some adjustments to make it fit together better.  I will work on it after I finish this weeks project.  And don't worry.  I have not forgot about posting the pattern for the Cranberry Dress.  I just have been so busy since the holidays I haven't had a chance to work on the rest of the sizes.  But rest assured it will get done!  I may just post the size three this week and put them up as I get more sizes. What do you think? 


Angel said...

Very cute! I saw your link on sewmamasew and I'm glad you shared!

Angel (northernbelle)

Wendy said...

Hi, i came over from Melissa's Make Life Beautiful blog. The Charleston dress is TOO cute! and I also love the Petti Tutu. Such wonderful creations!

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