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Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Shoe Love & A Photo Shoot


I am loving all the link ups and I figured it was about time I share some more of my faves, so last night I had the bright idea of inviting my youngest sister (16) to come over today to do my hair and makeup and do a photo shoot.  I let her have free reign for the most part...I changed a few of the outfits, but it was mostly all her ended up not being able to see the shoes all that well in some of them and I froze my hiney off in others! We had a blast though, so it was worth it, and no worries...I'll take some closeups before the party is closed.

These are the shoes I got from Cato for $3, and I got the dress at Kohl's for $25

 Note to self: never ask your little sister if the top of your stockings are showing cause she wont tell you!

T-straps $30 @ crazy charlies

Boots from Nine West...can't tell you how much they were cause my hubby bought them for me for Christmas... Oh, yes my hubby buys me lots of clothes...that I'll actually wear!  Isn't he awesome! That's why I married him...

dress from express $10
hat from walmart  $10

Now these are definatly in my top 5!  Also a Christmas present from the hubby a few years ago...I did pick these myself though.  $150 and worth every penny!  If you go buy the pay per use ratio I'd say they cost about a penny!  The heel actually broke a couple weeks ago and let me tell you I will LOVE E-6000 glue for the rest of my life!

the dress was $6 at Goodwill and the jacket was sister gave it to me cause she was going to get rid of it and I refused to let that happen!

My porch is unbelivably high...I was gripping that rail so tight!

I soooo wish my hair was actually the color it looks in this pic!  I have tried dying it and no matter what me or the colorists do  two weeks later....

I am back to this...

I can't even remember what was so funny, but I think it had something to do with me being afraid to get down.

And I'm stuck...really for a girl that kicked herself in the nose doing high kicks in high school, pretty sad I couldn't pick it up high enough to get it over!  My sis had to help me but she thought she needed a pic of my predicament first...  Thanks Ana!

Plastic child proof locks on the fire place...hehe, yeah it's a fake...

boots $40 @ crazy charlie's
these have to be either #1 or 2 because they go with almost anything and they are sooooo comfy... really for my mom's b-day we threw her a surprise party and so that she wouldn't be suspicious I took her shopping all day then dropped her off to my dad and went straight to the party...roughly wore them from 9am to them!

tights $8 @ kohl's

dress $10 @ kohl's
that hot pink thing between my calves is my sister Adriana's reflection...isn't she she really is go look a my homecoming dresses she the one in blue....the one is red is the middle sister Kristen...she's pretty'll see

pst...Ami...did ya see the heart?!? I'm still so proud of that baby...I may keep it up all year!

pants  $10 @ new york & co

shirt $18 @ kohl's
and jen...don't worry it's light grape juice and I didn't drink it!!!
and all the rest of you...don't worry I'm not an alcoholic...just hypoglycemic...not supposed to have too much sugar which I don't stick to very well and my friend Jennifer is always fussing me

shoes $40 @ fashionista

shoes $30 @ macy's

Ooooo!  another top 5!  Carlos Santana  $30 @ macy' painful to wear but sooooo worth it

mmm...these babies make me feel so awesome...really I want to go put them on right now...

this is so me...on the phone with a huge mess around

the other one in the running for #1!
Jessica Simpson $30 @ macy's

so comfy i can do this...told ya I could ana

mom what the heck are ya doin?  I take a nap for one hour and i wake up to you climbing the walls?!?

yep, this just may be the reason my legs are sore...I was cooking and kept saying, "I don't know why my thighs are so sore"  uh, I think I found the reason

Now don't worry these shortswere worn only once...the night my hubby and I officially started dating ...thank you abercrombie & worth the $75 price tag!  lol and I would also like to add, I was only 20 and didnt know any better...okay maybe I did but I was still to young to care

Can ya see the goosebumps?  Seriously everything was covered in ice just yesterday... oh! the shoes!
$90 @ nine west
I'd say they were worth it since I have worn them so much the strap is about to fall apart were you buckle it...I just can't bring myself to get rid of them when the rest of the shoe is in such good condition...but I may have found a solution recently...but more on that later...oooo
almost forgot!  the hat...$7 @ the loft thank you very much!

Is it weird that I can remember how much all of my clothes & shoes cost even those that are almost 9 years old...

"Mommy is it my turn to take a picture now?"
she loves the spotlight so much we joke we are going to put her on toddlers & tiaras! lol

breyden said "a me?"
which translates to
"what about me"

Hope you enjoyed the pics...or at least had a good laugh at my attempt at modeling...


Sew Crafty Saturday is still going on too, so don't forget to link up!


Unknown said...

lovely post, April and even great modelling!

3creativechics said...

Love the SHOES! Of course, my closet is full of them. Glad I found your blog it's great!
Melissa @

Suze said...

Love those shoes!!! You are one HOT mama :)

Lauranie said...

Oh, you look beautiful OF COURSE!! And those shorts....still fit you after three children???!!! SO JEALOUS! I am not one for clothes or shoes, sorry...but I can't believe someone told you that you were NOT stylish...WHO is this woman....does she even KNOW what she is talking about?? CRAZY!! I really like your style, I think it is very current, but not trendy and things that can we worn over the years and not look dated...very nice style!! :)

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