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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Home Tour & Decorating Plans...

Okay!  So I haven't actually done anything besides buy paint and pick fabrics, but hey that's more than I have done over the last two and a half years, so I am pretty proud of me!  Thanks to Sarah from The Bird's Papaya for jump starting me, and reminding me to always chose fabric before paint color.  See some of you may remember that one of my new year's resolutions was to finally start decorating my house.  Well, it's not that I haven't been working on it.  It's just that I was so dead set on finding this perfect turquoise color I had in my head that I forgot the rule that just a few months earlier I had laughed at my grandma for breaking...yes, I laughed at my grandma, and she loves me for it! :) Anywho, when I mentioned to Sarah that I was having trouble choosing paint colors, she reminded me of this rule and I am so grateful!  My husband is so grateful!  He has been going crazy these past 2.5 years with nothing on the walls...which is ironic because when I moved in with him, he had nothing on his walls, and actually picked on me about all the stuff I put up everywhere. So, I figured I would share some pics with you.  Maybe you can offer some suggestions...I'm not the greatest decorator....

This room is about 14' x 20'
The wall are going to be white

That table is going to go, and I want to put my dining room table (it's in a pic at the bottom) probably in front of the fireplace and replace the fan with the chandelier from my dining'll see it at the bottom too.

We also want to put a flat screen over the fireplace, move that entertainment center, and possibly put a desk area on that wall. (the desk area I like is also in a pic at the bottom) 

See how there is a little lip that sticks out between the kitchen and eating area (next to the fridge).  I was thinking of making a book case there that spans the wall and goes up to the chair rail.  Then, I can move those chairs (the ugly floral ones...don't worry they are getting slipcovered) in front of them to be like a seating area...I like everything up until this's just not a good flow.  So I thought about putting the desk area here, but I am afraid that will make the kitchen feel too closed off.

I seriously dislike the fireplace...See our house was moved and whoever moved it onto this property just put a mirror to close off the opening of the fireplace...I really have to find the pics of this house from before we renovated it...seriously scary!  All dark paneling and walls missing...wallpaper on ceiling...I mean it was bad!

This was supposed to be the dining room, but instead it turned into my sewing room.  That hutch is filled with sewing & crafting supplies from top to bottom instead of the normal stuff in hutches.  I also need to find a spot for this hutch in the first room I showed you (the one connected to the kitchen...the aweful yellow one)  I so love those gigantic windows!  But we aren't focusing on this room now, so let's move on.
btw: sorry you totally can't see my chandelier in this pic...thought you could

This is the fabric I love.  I am thinking I will use it for pillows in those chairs or if I happen to end up putting another sofa in the kitchen/family room.  I wish I could use it to recover the chairs of the dining room table but its too thin so I pick an pretty grey houndstooth for that...sorry I didn't get to take a pic yet and I'm too lazy to take out my camera right now.

See that grayish fabric...fourth one from the wrinkles or creases in it...that's the one I am going to use for my curtains.

Here's my design board.  I am going to paint my island that blue gray color and then glaze it.

This is by far my favorite room...My hubby said, "you do remember that we have kids right?" lol

I love the layout of this room...and btw, all these fancy pics came from bhg...

I love the colors here.  And how everything is sort of monotonous with pops of color and pattern here and there.

This is the desk area I love.  Only I would build the desk area longer because I need room for 3 kids.

So, what do you think?  Please, please give me any suggestions you have.  Especially about the layout.  I just can't seem to figure it out.

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Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Love the desk idea and the bookshelf/seating area ideas! Can't wait to see the end results:)

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Absolutely no advice for you here as my house has nothing on the walls either but I love love love that fabric and your design board looks very much like my own! I've got lots of neutral going on with pops of turquoise, coral, yellow and apple green... in my head my house is gorgeous but man oh man we've got a lot to do still!

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