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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My (not so) Great Dress Idea

Don't you hate when you have a really great idea and you bust your behind on it and it turns out a COMPLETE failure?!? Well....a few weeks ago I made this adorable dress for Sophie and Elizabeth (niece). When I saw it on them, I thought, "Wow! That dress makes their waist look soooooo tiny, and it's a little full in the, ahem, chest area." What lady doesn't want that in a dress? So today I decided to make a grown up version, and spent the better part of my day cutting and measuring and trying on and recutting and remeasuring and re-trying on....and at the end of the day, I was left with looking like I was wearing a shower curtain.
So, I put it aside and figured I'd just cut it up and maybe make another dress for Sophie, but I worked sooooo hard on it and I love the fabric so, everytime an idea on how to salvage it popped into my head, I 'd run to it and try it out. But, sadly, all those ideas have been flops too. : ( So, I'm thinking maybe I'll just cut the bottom off and attempt to make some of those little pj capris I always admire in the VS catalouges, but never order. The fabric would be perfect for that. And at least I'd have something comfy to wear...which was the whole point of the dress anyway.

Oh well. I'll have to figure it out another day. I'm too tired to think about it anymore.

BTW: Don't worry! I am going to post pics of my pitiful little dress...but I'm too tired to start downloading right now!


Ben said...

Ur dress was GREAT! I do like the pj pants idea;)
But don't hurt the dress!


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