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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Much Too Say &... a Giveaway!

Well not here BUT I listed my teeny tailgater dress last night on etsy and when I checked this morning, a lady messaged me and wants to feature the dress on her webshow! I never in a million years would have expected someone to approach me for something like this! I love this little dress and I am so happy that someone noticed it!  More on the giveaway in a couple of days....and onto........

Something WAAAAYYYYY more important!  I found out today that my dear friend Jennifer, or Jenny Penny as I called her in high school, IS GOING TO BE A MOMMY!!!!!!!! Well, she already is, but she is going to have another baby!  Isn't that exciting!!!!!!  I can't even put enough exclamation points!!!!!!!! Wow!  How did we ever get to be so grown up?
And I know I am skipping around but I told you I had a lot to say....and don't worry you'll get used to it if you read my blog!...Jennifer, you kwim! ; ) But I know I promised pics of my hideous dress and I will post them but I only took pics of it on my phone before I turned it into a fabulous ( or at least I think so) dress (which, uh, yeah...those pics are also on my phone) and I can't figure out how to get them onto my computer! But I will ask Jennifer to email them to me so you can see them.  Until then, here are a few pics of what I have been working on the last couple of weeks cause my blog is looking a little naked with no pics!  lol...and yes, Jen, I do realize I left the date stamp on...I'll do better next time. : ) 

I call this my Daisy Chain dress because I made it from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain fabric that I got at a local fabric store for 50% off!  Wooo Whoo!!! I adore this fabric, and I am thinking I will make a purse out of the aquatic colored one when I have time.  I'll let you know if I do.  Anyway, I think this will be my first tutorial because it is quick, easy, and adorable!!!!!! It turned out to be too big for poor little Sophie, but it will fit her perfectly next year!

I made this skirt for my friend's daughter Ava.  It's for her  b-day party.  Her theme is Poodles in Paris!  Isn't that adorable!  You can't tell from the pic but the pink fabric has Eiffel Towers on it!  So cute!  I will have to post some better pics soon because seriously, this pic doesn't do it justice.  I made the one to the left first, but I had imagined it way fuller.  So, I made the one on the right next and it was absolutely perfect!  I will have to ask Krystal (Ava's mommy) for some pics of her in it because she looks sooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!  And don't worry the first one found a home too...Sophie adopted  I would like to do a tutorial for this too but it would take FOREVER to write it out so drop me a line if you are interested cause no use in typing it all out for nothing, but it is super easy to make and unbelievably adorable!!!!!!!

Oh! Yay!  I found a pic I took of the ugly dress right before I chopped the top off!  I still have to ask Jennifer to send the pic of it once I redid it but now you don't have to wait so long.


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