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Sunday, September 5, 2010


& Jerseylicious????????????!!!!!?????  So, we had an awesome day!  We went to my niece, Shyla's birthday party, and then had family and friends  over for some food and LSU football.  We have been waiting for this all summer.  I am so sad that my hubby had to work, but no worries cause next weekend, guess what!  More football!  I think the Saints first game is next I guess we will just have to have another kick off party!!  Ya know...since my hard workin' hubby missed this one..... 

Anyway, about Jerseylicious.  We have been waiting, it seems like FOREVER for the new season to start, and its finally here!  So in honor of the start of this Jerseylicious season:
Me rocking the Tracy hair!

My cousin Summer rockin the Olivia hair...I know you haven't seen any pics of her before but her  hair is super curly!
The little girl in the pic for the teeny tailgater diy kit is her daughter and her (Summer) hair is even curlier than that!

And here are some more pics from our party: 

Me and my kiddos...well two of them anyway.  Breyden was so tired from Shyla's party he went to bed at 6!

Cute kids.

More cute kids.

Pile up on the couch with mom & dad!!

Me & sister Kristen

Me & sister Olivia


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