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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Before summer ends...

we decided to let the kids play with the Buzz Lightyear Rocket/Sprinkler thingy one more time.  They have been begging to swim, but we have all been sick and so now that we are feeling better, Stacy and I brought them out to play on the slip and slide and with the rocket sprinkler.  Which fyi is one of the best toys we have ever got!  All the kids always play with that thing like crazy!  It's pretty cool though.  You put the rocket (which is really soft, but durable) on the base and pull back the little lever and it shoots way up in the air!  I sooooo regret not stocking up on them when I saw them for 75% off at Target! 

And what is up with the slip and slides these days?!?  At the beginning of the summer Stacy bought the kids a little cheap on for like nine bucks, and of course it lasted through two uses and then it busted.  So my mom bought Ian a Buzz Lightyear one for his birthday that cost $40, and it was the exact same thing as the nine dollar one except it had a little blow up tunnel that was no where near being worth the extra $30!  And it busted on the second use too!  Not to mention they don't stay flat so you can slide on's really annoying!  Anybody bought a good one lately?...let me know the kids love to slip and slide but I hate to waste my money on more junk!

Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday:

Playing with the sprinkler

There goes the rocket.

Don't you remember how good water from the hose was before all the bottled water and germs came along?
Apparently, no one told my kids about the germs...

...I rather play in mud!

Climbing in the trampoline....

Uh, Mom! Think you could put the camera down and help me out?

Climbing the picnic table....

Climbing the lawn mower...
Sure Dad, I can cut the grass!
Seriously, this boy climbed on everything out here!

She may look sweet, but she turned the water on me right after I snapped this shot!


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