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Friday, February 4, 2011

One Week, Two Awards, & One Incredibly Long Post

....but I know your gonna love it, cause it's full of super fabulous ladies!

Oh my!  I am so flattered!  Last week I was given two Stylish Blogger Awards!  Funny how God works...just a couple weeks ago I had a lady tell me I wasn't stylish, and though I usually try to ignore negativity like that, it's still kinda a slap in the face, you know.  And it was really kinda bugging me, then, I checked my email before bed one night and there is sweet, wonderful Bethany of
Sweet Bee Buzzings telling me she gave me a stylish blogger award!  Thanks so much Bethany!  If you haven't stopped by her blog, you must check it out!  Here are some of her recent projects:

Easy V-Day Wreath

Super Simple Heart Garland

I want to make a necklace like this for Sophie...I think it would be so cute!

Then, a couple days later, Jenn from A Jennuine Life told me that she awarded me a Stylish Blogger award.  She's fabulous.  You seriously have to check out here post!  You won't believe all the amazing things she has done!  And she is super crafty too!   She is a contestant in PTR.  This was her project from last week:

How stinkin' cute can you get?  It was called the Little Rascal.  That "mom" tatoo!  Too cute!  I actually voted for her and didn't know it till this post!

And, uhm, excuse me, she used and old pair of jeans to make herself a pencil skirt.  Then, she used the left overs to make this adorable toddler skirt!  And yes there is a tutorial!

Thanks Jenn!  You rock!

So the terms for accepting the award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person (or people) who gave you this award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

So I guess, I have to tell you 14 things about myself.  Hmm.....

1.  I was on the dance team and ran track in highschool.
2.  Even if it costs me more to make something than it will to buy it, I'd still prefer to make it.
3.  The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't
4.  The first sentence I ever said was "I can do it myself"
5.  Dolls, statues of people, and robots completely freak me really, one Christmas we bought Sophie this talking dog.  It was only supposed to talk when you pressed the buttons but it would just randomly talk.  Even when, it was wrapped under the tree, it would start talking and you could see the little red heart glowing through the paper.  Then, one night I was home by myself and I woke to "I love you" , "let's play", etc.  So I walked into the living room and that little dog was in the middle of the living room, creepy red heart glowing talking away.  So I did what any sane person would do...turned it off, removed the batteries, put it in one of those tuperware container that has the latches that lock it shut, put it in my utility room with two very heavy tool boxes on top of it, and then put one of those things on the door knob that are supposed to keep kids from opening doors, then locked the door.....and I didn't sleep another wink that night.  The next day I made a special trip to get rid of that dog!
6.  It makes me crazy when people mumble
7.  I love lists.  I like to know exactly what needs to be done, and be able to mark it off when I am finished
8.  I actually enjoy folding towels.  Socks on the other hand,  I usually leave them in the basket until ALL my clothes are washed, folded, and saved or we don't have any more socks in the drawers...
9.  If the dishes in the dishwasher aren't dry when the cycle is done I will just open the dishwasher and pull the racks out and leave it like that all day until they are done drying on there own because I have this worry that I wont get them completely dry with a towel and I just imagine all this mildew growing on my wet dishes in my cabinets...I'm doing housework while trying to come up with these 14 things...Can you tell?  lol And, yes I am aware that I'm just a tad bit crazy!  ; )  hehe
10.  I like to drive barefoot.
11.  I have to drink milk out of a short fat glass, and coke, tea, etc out of the tall skinny friend Krystle thinks this is hilarious....but hey there are certain glasses for wine, martini's, and margaritas...why not milk and coke?
12.  I have tried many times to learn to crochet and I am just aweful at it!

13.  On my mom's side of the family, we currently have 5 generations alive and well!  The lady in the middle is my great grandma, or Maw Maw Rose.  This is just my grandmas children, grandchildren, and great grand children , and then my uncle and his five children and one and another one of my cousins and his children are missing!  AND....Maw Maw Rose has 3 more daughters' with children and grand children...can you imagine!
14.  When I talk to people and try to tell them stories, I usually tell 5 other smaller stories within the oringinal story I was trying to tell...don't know if you noticed...I'm not so bad when I write because I go back and read and delete when I'm getting off topic...for the most part anyway...which is why it can take me all day to write one teeny little post!  This one is taking for ever!

Whew!  I'm glad that's over!  It's so hard to come up with stuff about yourself when you have to!  Okay so now for the really fun part!  I get to show you 30 of my favorite blogs!  Most people just give a list, but I want to show you why I chose settle in because your will have lots to see!

1.  My Mommy Can...

Her blog is brand new and she only has a few posts so far, but I have known her since 6th grade, and trust me she's awesome!  She will be posting crafts, recipes, and photography.  Here are a couple of her first posts:

Sophie got some of these at her b-day party and loved them!  Jen also took alot of the pics I posted from Sophie's Tutus & Ties party.

2.  Ali Lilly

She's completely awesome and always has the most adorable decorating ideas...most of which you can make for pennies.   Seriously, check her out if you haven't already!

If you don't already have the supplies for this on hand...which I bet you do, I will cost you about $1 to make about 5 of them...serious, go check out the tutorial.

She made this adorable piece of art from her daughter's baby blankets that she didn't want to get rid of!  Cute cute!

3.  My Girlish Whims

She's so adorable and if you just check out her awesome blog banner, you'll know she's super stylish!

You could make a really cute necklace too!

4.  Naptime Journal

I love all her ideas!  She's just so stinkin' clever!

You have got to go check out her repurposed soda bottles!

Love it!

5.  Nat Mac's Knick Knacks

Nat's Knick Knacks
She is so talented!  I love reading her posts!  How adorable is this skirt she made?!?

Shirt to Skirt Refashion

She makes the cutest kids stuff!

I love this Valentines Tutu!

The shirt with the heart made out of buttons is pretty darn cute too!

7.  The Diary of Dave's Wife

You have got to read the story of how she got her blogs name!  Break out the kleenex!  And seriously, I am so not a cryer!  And after, be sure to check out all the fabulousness that is her blog!

And you have to check out all the adorable details of this Bebe ShowerAnd there is a Part 2 post so make sure you don't miss it! 

8.  Creative Mommas

Creative Mommas

I just discovered their blog and it is so amazing! 

I love this little reading space!  And the color on the wall is goregeous!  Did I mention she made the bean bags?

And these V-day cake balls look sooo yummy!

9.  My Greenbrea Cottage

Her blog is an awesome mix of home decorating, crafts, and green living!



10.  The Real Life Mom

She's so awesome and I love all the pics she posts!

Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece

Since this is getting really, really long I will publish the next group later so make sure you check back for more stylish ladies!


Bethany said...

Hahahaha about the talking dog--we had this toy cash register in my nephew's toy box and it would make random noises if something was pressing on the button. It drove us bonkers. But we didn't box it up and lock the door, etc. That made me laugh!
And I go on so many tangents when I tell stories too I sometimes forget what my original story was.

A Jennuine Life said...

Thanks for the shout out, but the My Pretty Valentine outfit wasn't mine - I was giving credit to Shanna from Celebrate the Madness for her win that week.

Stephanie Rose said...

Thanks for the award! But the I love the dudes tag is actually a blog I follow - awesome, you should check her out. As cute as those twins are, can't claim them as mine! lol.. I will get to posting about my award tomorrow!! Thanks again!

AliLilly said...

You are so incredibly sweet April! Thank you so much!! What AMAZING blogs you chose too! Imma have to check them out this weekend!! Thank you again! Your the best! <3

Michelle ( said...

Oh wow! I have been working the last few nights and to come home to this is so awesome! Thank you so much for the sweet award!

Dacia said...

Thanks so much for the award! Your blog is super cute! We'll be posting the award on our blog soon :)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

Haha I love that we nominated each other! Thanks for all the sweet words :)

Dave'sWife@{thediaryofdaveswife} said...

{HOLY MOLY} This is So SWEET! Thank you for including me in this fabulous list of ladies! I have enjoyed over the past few days checking out your incredible blog and gaining inspiration!
♥ DavesWife

Dacia said...

Finally getting to posting about this award. Thanks again! BTW, that pic of 5 generations is so awesome. How fun to have that many generations around.

Nat Mac said...

Hey April I can't thank you enough for thinking of me for this!! Even though it's taken me some time it really is super sweet of you!! I finished my post last night. BTW I too was on the dance team in HS. My body has gone to pot since then. I'm also a big list person. I have lists for everything!! Thanks again it really has made my month!!

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