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Friday, April 29, 2011

Lilac Lane

Today I want to introduce you to Melissa of Lilac Lane!  She is one super talented lady, but here see for yourself:

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to be here today on April's blog. I'm Melissa from Lilac Lane. Here's what you should know about me: I'm a do-it-yourselfer, whether that means painting the walls, designing some artwork, arranging flowers, even woodworking. I've been sewing since I was at least 7, some hand sewing even before that. As a child, I didn't care much for sewing AT ALL, especially not garment sewing, but now that I have kids, it's pretty natural for me to become so involved in it. I love that I can make outfits truly one of a kind for them.

{We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to say:  Holy cow look at all those ruffles!!!!  I'm know me and all my ruffles!}

I also love quilting, and made my first quilt at age 10. And I don't think that's too early, as my little Anna, completed her first one at age 5!

When I decided I wanted to be a fabric designer, more than two years ago, I thought I better ease into the business a little bit. So I started with pattern designing. I feel like I got my "big break" with Moda Bake Shop and have several tutorials there. I now have my own pattern line published by My first patterns should come out this week. I have just signed with Andover Fabrics and am hoping that my first fabric line will be out in time for fall market, but it's always hard to say in the fabric industry. Here are links to a few of my popular tutorials:

And here's a picture of my favorite quilt ever. It took me two years to make, but sometimes a long project is just what you need.

Thanks so much to April for featuring me today. Come over and visit Lilac Lane where I have lots of tutorials and even more giveaways. With patterns coming soon, there's sure to be something good to give away!   Love,

OMG!  I am blushing!  I am too chicken to try quilting and here her 5 year old made one!  Thanks Melissa!

Make sure you check back later today to see this weeks Extreme Makeover projects!


Melissa S. said...

Thank you so much for featuring me!! Oh my goodness, that tent!!!!! I better not show my girls, but I want to so bad. :)

Cherie said...

WOW! A 5 y/o quilting? My daughter started that young, but she did basic stuff and started out hand sewing everything.
Serious teaching skills there.

Mama Lusco said...

Thanks for featuring Melissa! I've been a follower of her blog for over a year and she is an inspiration :)

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