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Friday, April 29, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Edition ~ Week 2

Week 2 is up and the projects are in!  The ladies all did a fabulous job again this week coming up with Extra Ordinary projects! 

An Extra Ordinary Wardrobe

Around our house, nothing is more ordinary than blue jeans and t-shirts. Here was my take on making the ‘ordinary’ into Extra Ordinary.  Turn those too-short jeans into one fabulous, extra- ordinary skirt! 

 Double Bustle Denim Skirt
Can you tell we love this one?!

 Blue Jeans aprons

White tank asymmetrical dress.  A new favorite! I added an asymmetrical knit circle skirt and waist band to a simple white tank for one extra-ordinary dress!

 Black Tank Dress
 Add a simple gathered knit skirt and waist band to a simple tank for an extra-ordinary, comfy dress.

Upcycled T-shirt Tunic & Shorts
Use scrap t-shirts and knits to piece together fun, comfy, extra-ordinary clothing for your kiddos!

Upcycled Asymmetrical Shirt
Upcycled t-shirts into a fun big girl tunic.

Scrappy Skorts: upcycled t-shirt shorts & cotton skirt
 An old t-shirt becomes shorts when sewn into a twirl skirt for another unconventional, extra-ordinary way to use those t-shirts and scraps.

Peasant top for my Extra Ordinary mom!
Nothing wacky about this one

Total Yards Used: 11


An Extra Ordinary Day at the Park

Nothing says 'extra-ordinary' to me like a beautiful day at the park, which definitely requires some supplies:

A very large blanket for everyone to fit on.
Sorry.  No models.  Had to keep it anonymous.

Lunch in a basket, of course.  PB&J with homemade jam anyone?
Each side opens individually for easy access and can tie to the top or sides to keep it in place.


While the kiddo's play, grab the game pieces and beat your husband at quick game of checkers.  Who doesn't want to play on a giant checker board?

King me. 

The proper attire.  

 Yes...we wear skirts just about everywhere around here.

I was so excited when I heard this weeks theme. Let's just jump into the project.

Total Yards Used:  6.5

Extra Ordinary Boys

Just a few extra ordinary, average Joes hanging out.  But wait..

Add a cape and suddenly you get a league of Extraordinary gentlemen ready for fighting bad guys.

Or investigating crimes Sherlock Holmes Style.

I had such a ball with the theme this week. I thought how much fun it would be to make some extaordinary stuff for the guys this time around.  So this is what I came up with. Three plaid hats and ties/bowties made from some fabric my mom handed down to me from the 80's. And three extraordinary capes made from the same plaid and some curtains I had in my hoard I mean stash.  They are loving them! Thanks for the inspiration!

Total Yards Used: 6

An Extra Ordinary Wedding
What's more extra ordinary than a wedding?  Celebrate the Royal Wedding with a dress-up veil! 
 The dress is just an ordinary dress -

until you look at the back and see the extra ordinary part - the fun bussle!

Total Yards Used: 5


Extra Ordinary Dinosaurs
When I think of extra ordinary, I think of my kids. My little guy doesn't get much sewing done for him on a regular basis. So this week I focused on him. He loves dinosaurs and I think dinosaurs are extra ordinary.

So I created this quilted dinosaur backpack for him . I had the dinosaur and striped fabric for about a year now. I was going to use it for curtains but this is way more fun. :) He needs a new backpack for church and daycare so I thought this would be the perfect project.  I machine quilted this entire backpack and the pattern was created entirely by me. I can't explain how proud of myself I am for finishing this and creating it in my head. So I may not have used the most material this week but I certainly put a lot of heart into this project.

Total Yards Used: 3

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The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Oh girls! Wow!! Love love love all your projects!!

A.Vang said...

This weeks projects are SEW great!!Ha! Way to go ladies I can't wait to see who made what!

Needled Mom said...

I saw you highlighted at Melissa's blog and had to stop and tell you what darling ideas you have for your little ones. I am definitely going to have to give that bustle dress a try for a few of mine.

Eleni said...

Girls you ROCK!!!! All the projects are just lovely!!!

Jayna Rae said...

Lots of great stuff. I see those stashes getting smaller.

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