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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sew Crafty Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today is the last day of Spring Fling so be sure you check out today's giveawaysI assure you you won't want to miss them! Also, check me out!  If you look up, I'm a ".com"!!  Woohoo!  Makes me feel all sophisticated! lol  Nah, it really doesn't matter because the old blogspot address will still get you here as well, but if you have ever read any of my blog swaps, you know that eventually, once I get the hang of it,  I would{possibly} like to sell my patterns, so I figured I would go ahead and grab the url now. But don't worry that is a long ways off...I got plenty more free patterns in me! lol  And, seriously, if I ever catch up on all my orders...I think the way to be a successful seamstress is to officially declare that you are not doing it as a business!  Once I did I swear they all came out the woodwork and started ordering up stuff like crazy!  I made 4 dresses yesterday and have 4 more today plus 2 tutus...crazy right?  Where were all these people when I wanted to run a business?  Now that I would rather just blog, they're like nope...  lol Oh! The point of that rambling is I swear I WILL post the pattern for the cranberry dress one of these days!!  Anyhow, I will post the features from last weeks party tomorrow because like I said I have got to get 4 dresses made by 2:30 this afternoon and here I am procrastinating as usual!!! So come on!  Show me what you've been up to this week!


Marriah said...

Hi I am your newest fallower. I know what you mean about sewing! I just got my sewing machine last October and haven't stopped since either. I think I am making my husband go broke because of it, lol. So I have just decided to try and start selling my sewing but I really don't know how. I love your blog!

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