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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cocktail Dresses & Broken Cameras

I got this dress about a week ago from Clarisse to review, and I have to say I am absolutely in LOVE.  If any of you have ever read any of my pattern reviews, or just my blog in general, you know I am a bit OCD and a crazy perfecionist.  I am super knit-picky about my clothes, too.  I want stuff that looks good, but I also want to feel comfortable wearing them.

I have always loved strapless dresses, but they don't really love me...  See I have a really, really small chest, so I absolutely must wear a miracle bra or something to that nature.  The problem is, try finding a strapless bra with padding that doesn't look weird!!!!  But this dress has a REALLY good bra built in already.  I mean, like a really good one!  It's not padded, but it looks really nice and is super comfortable.  I have always been really self conscious about that so for me to be able to put on a dress with no bra and feel comfortable is saying a lot!!  

But then, I wondered how a lady who was a little more blessed then me in that area would feel in the dress, so I asked my sister, Kristen, who is the same size as me, only seems to have gotten my share, to try it on and see what she thought.  She absolutely loved it.  She is the one who is almost never happy with the way she looks...although, I can't imagine why because she's got a body like a VS model, but I guess that's the way we women are sometimes...Anyway, she could not stop smiling and looking in the mirror.  She was kicking herself for having already bought a homecoming dress....she really, really loved it.

So, I have to say I was very pleased with this dress.  The construction was phenomenal, the cut and design are awesome (I have NO waist since having 3 babies, but this dress makes me look like I do!), and it is waaayyy comfortable! I was wearing it for over an hour while taking these pics with music playing, and I was dancing around to Luke Bryan's new it, btw....and I felt comfortable the whole time!

The shipping was also super fast, and the fit was very true to their size chart.  My other sister, Adriana, was also in love with it!  She is already swooning over their other dresses, looking for something for her next pageant or to wear when she goes to other pageants as a visiting queen!

Here are a few of the other designs, I am swooning over from them....

(click on the pics for more info on each of the dresses)

I love this one that is sort of a longer version of mine.  I especially love the animal print!

I love everything about this one!  The colors, the design, everything!  I would wear this to brunch or to go shopping!  I am sooo in love with it!

Now if I ever do start doing Ms. pageants...which I have been seriously considering because it's something I always wanted to do, but didn't have the confidence for when I was a teenager...this is my dress!

Prom dress 1510
Well or maybe this one...One of the girl's in Adriana's pageant was wearing the blush version and it just moves beautifully!

And if I win....I'm wearing this when I go somewhere as visiting queen!  
Hey!  A girl can dream right!  ; )

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will tell you all about how I broke my poor camera while taking my pics for this hubby was not too happy with me!

***The cocktail dress 1414 dress for this review was provided to us by provides prom dresses and dresses for other special occasions.***


saskia said...

cute, I'd never wear it, but to dance around the house in- but cute! My daughter is trying to find a homecoming dress that is affordable and modest, it seems finding a modest dress that is cute is a thing of the past... they should have given you a coupon code, like a big one, with this review :) hee hee!

james @ agirlcalledjames said...

too cute. it looks good on you!

Ami w/AliLilly said...

You look FANTASTIC GIRL!!! I love the dress! It's PERFECT on you! :)

avreneau said...

I love this dress on you, it fits amazing !! Its very unique, I absolutely love the longer version of it that you posted, I need this for the Marine ball, Kudos to this designer i love their style!!

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

That dress looks amazing on you! And I love that it has a built in bra!! I've never seen this shop before... it looks like they have a seriously HUGE selection... off to look some more!

m&m said...

The dress looks great on you! I looked up Clarisse online and I love their designs. I even found a store near me where they are sold. Will definitely bring my girls to check them out.

Jennifer Smith said...

I Love!!!!!!! Hot momma for sure;)) I say go for the Mrs. pageants! I would go cheer you on!

Jenny penny

Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks darling on you!!!

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Girl!! You are rockin' that dress! I love it! I did pageants in high school, so fun! My mom always wanted me to really be competitive but for me...I just wanted a new dress!!! lol :) I say go for the pageant! Oh, and how many sisters do you have? :)

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I like the last one as well!
The purple is really pretty. You better make a post about your pageant! That would be pretty AWE-SOME!

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