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Monday, September 5, 2011

Teeny Tailgater Pillow Case Dress Tutorial

I know there are a million tutorials for pillowcase dresses out there, but I had a couple requests on how I made my teeny tailgater ones, so here goes...

You can download the pattern & cut list here

And don't forget you are more than welcome to email me for the pattern if the link doesn't work...

Finish sides of front & back of dress(zig zag, over cast, or serge)  Pin the dress front and back together at the sides with RS facing; stitch; press seam open.

Finish the arm holes.  Then, fold them over and press...using starch makes it waaaay easier....stitch down.  I prefer to use bias tape to finish the armholes but I didn't have enough fabric to make any and I didn't think the packaged ones would look good with this fabric, so do what you prefer.  This method is quicker, but the bias tape looks better...your call.  ; )

Finish the top edges, then turn them down 1/2" , then turn them each down another 1" to make the casing for the   tie.  Stitch it down.

Then hem the dress by turning the hem up 1/2" then another 1" and stitch in place or you can do a blind hem if you prefer.

To make the strap, put the short edges together with RS facing and stitch to form one long strip.  Fold it in half with RS facing; pin.  Cut each end a a 45 degree angle to make a point; stitch leaving about a 4" opening in the center to turn it.  Once it's turned, press it flat and edge stitch around the entire strap...this will close up your opening.

Now just feed the strap through the casing and tie a bow and done!  

Sorry no pics for the end of the tutorial, if anyone has trouble, feel free to email me and I will add some pics for you if needed.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful - both the dress and the pattern! Absolutely love that a big bow.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

oops, I hit post too soon.

Absolutely beautiful - both the dress & your model! Love the big bow.

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