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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monarch Butterfly Dress update

Hey everyone so sorry if you are waiting on the rest of the posts for this dress sew along!  You can check out the first post here and the second post here.  I really do apologize it is taking so long.  When I started my new job it made my life so crazy and I am just finally getting settled in and back to a routine.  On the plus side, I am learning so much!  Being a self taught seamstress, there are just so many things you don't know, and it really was much harder to start than I anticipated.  Anyway, back to the dress, I also had the problem that the person who was supposed to do the painting tutorial for the wings was unable to do it, and I am not a painter by any means!  I have been trying to figure it out on my own to no avail, and then thankfully when I mentioned it to my grandma, she offered to help me...I completely forgot her and my grandpa used to do paintings and paint on t-shirts when I was younger!  So I am going over to her house  tomorrow and we will have the tutorial up by Thursday for painting the wings, draping the bodice by Saturday, and attaching the skirt will be up by next Wednesday.  If you are following along and need help please do not hesitate to email me, and once again so sorry it's getting finished up so late!


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