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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vintage Bottles are the Cooool-est!

Lol!  Anyone else get a Billy Madison flashback?? No?  Just me?  Oh well...moving on...

Awhile back I mentioned on FB that I racked up at an estate sale.  I've been wanting to share pics of all my awesome finds, but there are just so many!  Plus, I've been super busy with the holidays and painting and all, but I've finally gotten around to photographing all the cool old bottles I got.  And you'll never believe how much I got them for...$1/bottle!!!  And my favorite one was only 50 cents!!!

I cleaned them up and mod podged over all the labels because they were all sort of messed up already and I wanted to be able to clean them in the future without damaging the labels further...especially since they are above my kitchen cabinets.  I am sure they will get greasy!

I really like this one.

At first, I considered removing all the labels since they were messed up, but I just thought that even with them being messed up, they gave the bottles more character.

This is my absolute favorite!  At first I didn't think much of it, but then the lady running the sale explained it to me that the man was a chemist.

The bottom of the bottle has a handle and you would hang it upside down...It's sort of like an IV.  Although, the label on this bottle specifically states that it's not for intravenous use. 

Excuse my mess...someday my kitchen will be nice and neat...but today is not the day!  lol

What do ya' think?  Not too bad for $12, huh???


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