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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Pics...

Just thought  I'd share some family Christmas pics...

Hubby walks into the living room:  "why are you taking pics of the presents???"
Me:  "uh, because they're pretty!!" 


Are they cute!  They're "best friends".  And doesn't Sophie's dress look cute with the boots???  I would never have thought of it!  I was going to put her in those black patent leather flats until Amy of Increasingly Domestic mentioned boots, and I think it looks soooooo cute!

My sil was sooo excited to do Christmas at her house she went all out...We usually do it at our house since it's midway btwn my their house and my inlaws.  But she wanted to do it this year, and we definitely ate well!  This isn't even half!! lol

She wanted a "princess dress", so I made this for her.  She told my sil, that now she's a real princess.  I am so glad she liked it, and she really loved it because Sophie helped me make it.

Woody boots!

Isn't this hilarious everyone but me looks annoyed...wish I would have noticed that! I would have made my sister take another one!  lol

I know this is terribly blurry, but I was so excited because this is the first year Ian actually wanted to take a pic with Rudolph!

Aren't they cute!  The boys look so grown up with their ties!  I rarely make boy stuff, so they were super excited with their ties.

This is my sister and her bf

And another sister and bf

My parents

My dad's sisters and niece

me and my sister

Breyden loves my sisters bf, Brody

my mom and Nanny 

My Nanny and her hubby

My Nanny and my cousin Chris

My sister and grandparents

Me and my grandparents

Breyden, my sister and her bf

me & my cousin

my aunt & cousin

playing pop the pig

my dad and his parents

Breyden & Baxter

The only pic I took on Christmas day


Jenni Austria Germany said...

that is *such* a princess dress. i kinda want one for myself...

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