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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake!

Here's another item I made for the bake sale...I was really hoping it wouldn't sell because I so wanted to take it home and devour it!  But thankfully we sold pretty much everything!  It was a huge success!  We have already raised over $1000 from tutus, the bake sale, and raffle tickets!  Then, when we got home, my cousin who lives in South Carolina called to say a bunch of the military families on the base were they live got together and bought the plane tickets for my grandma and nanny to go to Florida for her treatment!  That's $2000 down in 2 days!!  We are super excited! 

So now for the recipe:

It's just a box devil's food cake mix.  Then, for the filling, I used the PB filling from this recipe and for the topping, I used the topping from this recipe. 

Doesn't it look so yummy!!!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i would have totally bought this. looks delicious.

Anna said...

That looks amazing!!! My mouth is watering. :)


Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

The compassion everyone has showed is really heart warming. How nice it was that your cousins military spouses and soldiers were kind enough to help out! It really makes you stand back, and be even more thankful for those who serve.

ToSewWith Love said...

it looks yummy! totally pinning it! by the way, girl, I have tagged you! hope you'll play along ^^)

A Jennuine Life said...

I've awarded you and your amazing blog the Versatile Blogger award! I hope you can accept it - details are at

LaVonne @ Long Wait said...

OMG! This looks exactly like the perfect cake for me. :) Thanks for posting. Definitely pinning this post to save for later.


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