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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Sausage...

 When I was little one of my favorite family events was "boucherie", or butcher.  We would make sausage, boudin, cracklins, wrap the meat.  The kids would run around my grandparents farm, playing on hay bails, riding four wheelers, and pretending to drive the tractor.  It was a blast!

We don't do it anymore, but we do still make sausage.  We made it a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to share some pics.  It's a ton of work, but still fun.  The family gets together and works together on something, while the kids are playing...brings back a lot of memories watching the kids play.  

One of the things we still laugh about, is when I was about 5 we were "making butcher", and they would always cook some of the meat for lunch, so I was eating and someone mentioned something about the pig, and I dropped my fork and said, "This is PIG?!?!?"  So my mom goes, "No, it's pork." And I was like, "oh, okay"  And just went back to eating.  lol 

Seasoning the meat...

This is ponce...basically sausage meat stuffed in a stomach...yeah, I don't eat

They made me try to sew the hole up...yeah, I don't think sewing meat is my specialty...I kept ripping it...

My grandpa had to take over for me...Stacy laughed at me and said, "I can't believe your grandpa can sew better than you!"

Love this pic of Sophie

Delilah...isn't she pretty

I gave up on sewing meat and went for a ride...I haven't ridden a horse in forever!  I was so afraid she would start running because she isn't 100% broke yet.  But it was really funny, she just wanted to stay by my sister!  She kept walking up to her and following her around...I guess it's because Olivia's the only one who really rides her.

We make little hamburgers out of the meat and cook it so we can test the seasoning before we put it in the casing.

Going to my grandpa's house to hang the sausage in the smoke house...Ian was so excited!  He had been waiting to go all day!  lol


LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Girlfran'! There is Southern--as I consider myself--and then there is SOUTHERN...I had no idea you were all horse-y and sausage-y and farm-y. How cool!!! I would love to see more pictures like this, I enjoyed this post a lot! I'm jealous of the horses--I love them.

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