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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Salt Dough Sea Urchins Tutorial

After making the starfish garland for Sophie's Mermaid Party.  My sister and I made these cute sea urchins.  We used the same recipe as we used for the starfish  I added red food coloring to the dough until I got a color I liked, then we rolled them into balls and I used a piece of thick nylon cording and made a cross in the ball then made another cross perpendicular to the first.  Making the crosses will smoosh the balls down, so don't worry about making the bottoms flat or anything making the markings will take care of it...Just make a ball...

Next, we poked a hole in the top with a tooth pick, then made a million teeny tiny little balls from the uncolored salt dough and stuck them all over.  Then let them dry...It took 3 whole days under the fan and I ended up moving them to a cooling rack to get airflow all around them which left marks in the bottom. If you do this you will need to turn them quite a few times because the dough will sort of seep in between the wires, and they will be stuck!  You definitely want to let them dry for at least a couple days before putting them on the cooling rack.   

They looked really crusty while they were drying, and I wondered if we would even be able to use them, but once they were completely dried they looked fine.  They dried 1 or two shades lighter than they started out, so you may want to add a little extra food coloring to start so that they dry the color you want.

I am by no means an expert in salt dough...This was my first experience.  But the possibilities are endless!  Can you just imagine all the things you could make for decorations!  Just be sure to start way in advance because the dough takes quite a while to dry and if you dry them in the oven it browns it...maybe if you have a convection oven it wouldn't, because I know when I made my colored cupcakes for the party I cooked them in a regular oven and they turned brown so I tried convection and they browned slightly but it wasn't noticeable...maybe someone with more experience than me can shine some light in the comments section...

My sister also made this cute little fish but since we didn't put him on parchment paper he broke when we picked him up.  : (

So what do ya' think???  Aren't they adorable!!


Connie said...

Very cute! I love the urchins. said...

Too cute!!! They came out perfect!! What a fun idea. I am working on a "pretend sleep over" party for my 5 yr old. We will have all the fun elements of a sleep over like movie & popcorn in jammies on blankets, and pancake bar with all the toppings, and a cute owl theme for the night owls, plus cereal necklace crafts....without the sleeping and crying for mom :-) I will have to post it all once I am done :-)
Love your new header and blog look!

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