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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shoe Love Linky Party!

So I stopped by Cato...I have no clue why because I never shop there...I just don't think about it, I guess. I went in and saw a cute little pair of shoes and wanted to try them on with no intention of buying them until I turned them over to see the size and saw that they were $3!  So long story short, I ended up with four fabulous pairs of shoes for $30!  I am sooooo excited!  I just want to wear them all day!  But I don't think my heels would go with the pjs I 'm sportin' right now!  lol  Don't know if you know this but I am a bit of a shoe fanatic.  My mom says I have a sickness....this is while she's purchasing 4 pairs!  So I figured it might be fun to share our favorite shoes!  So I am opening up a little linky party dedicatied to your favorite shoes!  Post about your favorite shoes then come link it up here!  You can show me one or show me every pair in your closet!  I want to see  them all!  I will leave the party open until valentine's day and I will post more of my shoes periodically....cause I love showing off my shoes!  I can't wait to see yours!

 Here are some close ups of mine:

I will chose some of my faves in the end and feature you, your shoes, and your blog so please add this button to your post or sidebar if you would like to be featured!


Stephanie Rose said...

2nd and 3rd pics are my fav!

The Single Nester said...

What is Cato? Those shoes are awesome!

MJ said...

OMG...I was sent over from Leighann my blogging bff because I posted my 6 new pairs of shoes on FB. Im so coming back tomorrow (well in a few its 1 a.m.) and joining your party. Im definately a shoe def have to fill me on Cato and I have some secrets for you too. lol

MJ said...

Hi my name is Melanie and Im a shoe addict! lol My blogging buddy Crafty Southern Chick told me about your party after seeing a FB post I made about shoe addiction. So you know I couldnt get here fast enough. Love all of your yummy selections. Im now a follower hope you will come over to my blogs

This is such a great idea...and I love a mom/daughter team that shops for shoes together.

Anonymous said...

Definitely your newest follower...too much fun.

Thanks, Jessica @

Jen said...

This is an awesome idea - because we all love shoes! I will work up a post about some of my favs and get it linked over here! And congrats on the great deals on shoes - doesn't that just make you love them a little bit more?! ;)

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