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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cadie Wrap Around Dress {pattern remix}

I shared this tutorial/pattern remix over at the Carolina Fair Blog, a couple weeks ago, and wanted to share it here too in case any of you missed it! I absolutely love Caroline's Cadie Wrap Around Dress!  I just think it it sooo adorable, but if you have been reading my blog, you know I LOVE ruffles!!!  And if you haven't been reading my blog, just let me tell you, I LOVE RUFFLES!!!!  So, I decided to add ruffles to the back of the dress.  I think it's a really simple and fun addition!

Here's what I did:

**Note:  Please know that some of my pics don't match up exactly to what I am telling you to do.  I had a lot of trial and a lot of error, so this is more of a "do as I say, not as I do" tutorial!  lol**

Cut out the dress according to the pattern.  Then, cut out the center right at the front and back neckline, so that you now a front and back instead of one piece.

Since we changed the style to a sundress, the front and back neckline will be to wide now so you will need to gather them...I just sort "eyeballed" it, as they say...  ; )

Next, I cut out two straps.  

9m-18m ~ 4" x 7"
2 - 4  ~  4" x 8"
5 - 8  ~  4" x 9"

Fold them in half long ways and press.  

Open it back up and fold the raw edges to the center crease and press.

Now, fold it back closed, press and edge stitch down each side.

Now attach them to each side of the front of the dress like this, but they part that will attach to the back should be pointing to the bottom of the dress...not up like in this pic.  In other words the raw edges should be touching.

Now finish the edges of the FRONT of the dress with bias tape according to the instructions.  Then, press the straps up like they are in this pic and top stitch across the top edge to tack them up and in place. 

Fold the back piece like this and press the sides to make will only add ruffles in between the creases.  Measure between the creases and multiply that number by 2, so if it's 8 inches btwn the creases, you will cut your ruffles 16" long.

Now decide how long you want your ruffles to be, and divide the height of your back piece by that number.  

EX:  you want your ruffles 3" and your pattern piece is 21" from top to bottom.  21 / 3 =7

So you would cut 7 - 3.5" x 16" rectangles for your ruffles  (the extra half inch in the height is for seam allowance to attach the ruffles.)  I recommend either cutting your ruffles on the bias or using pinking shears so you don't have to worry about finishing all those egdes.  You can see below I used pinking shears...I think it added a cute detail...

Gather your ruffles along the top edge, and attach them to the back of the dress between the creases.  Now, I have a confession.  I can NEVER figure out how to properly space ruffles!  So, I just lay them out from bottom to top pinning as I go and just sort of "eyeballing" like I said before.  Then, once I have them all placed how I like, I stitch them down.

Once, you have all your ruffles stitched in place, attach the straps and finish the edges with bias tape just as you did for the front of the dress.  Make sure at the top where the ruffles go all the way to the edge of the pattern piece you put the edges of the ruffles under the bias tape so that they don't stick me it looks weird...

Last add the closures according to the directions and you are done! 

**Note:  If you want to use ricrac like I did on the edges, apply it on top of the bias tape...not instead of like I did!...seriously made myself a headache when I did that!**


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ohhh my this is sooo cute!!!

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