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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion & Flair Friday ~ Kate Quinn Piped Peter Pan Dress Knockoff

The good news:

I actually came close to posting Fashion & Flair Friday on Friday! Yay!!

The bad news:

My dress was an epic FAIL!!!

Okay, okay, so it's not that bad.  It's just too short. Luckily, I have a little extra fabric so I think I can make a hem facing and get a couple extra inches on it.  Then, it won't be so bad....or maybe I'll just put it with leggings???  We'll guys know how slow I am at getting things done...leggings may be the only option for her ever actually getting to wear it!  lol

Sophie was filthy when I took this pic!  I didn't realize just how dirty she was until I pulled it up on my computer...and she's outside dirty once again, so I'm not even going to bother trying to take another one of her wearing the dress...

For this dress, I used Oliver + S' Jump Rope Dress Pattern.  I had been wanting to to try the "B" version ever since I made the first version last year. (see it here) So when I saw this Kate Quinn dress, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to it out.  When you get you materials, you will need 3-4 packages of coordinating piping. 

So, it was pretty simple. I used the front and back dress pattern for view b and the sleeves from view a. For the belt loops I cut 2 - 15" x 1.5" strips, and for the belt, I cut two 3" x width of fabric strips.  (for any size past a 5t you may need to make the belt longer than the WOF.  As you can see it is just enough to fit Sophie)

I was in a hurry and after I cut out my pattern pieces, I realized that I had forgot to extend the placket and cut seams to put the piping down either side, but I didn't have enough fabric to re-cut, and no way  was I going to waste it just to add a couple pieces of piping and a longer placket...kwim?

But you can easily do this by tracing the front dress piece and cutting it straight down the center (where the fold is on my pattern piece TIP:  you want to bring the bottom of the armhole over to meet the center, NOT the bottom hem.), then add a 1/2" seam allowance to each side where you cut it.  And then when you cut the center front piece, don't cut it on the fold.  Cut it so that you have two you would have four pieces total for the front of the dress. 

Then do the same for the back, but DO cut the center piece on the you will have three pieces for the back dress.

Next, when you cut the placket, cut two right plackets (the one with the straight bottom) instead of one right and one left, and extend them so that they are the same length as the center front of the dress.

Before getting started following the pattern instructions, you will want to stitch the front dress pieces back together adding the piping to the seams.  Do NOT stitch the center front together.  This is where the placket will be.  Repeat for the back dress piece.  You should have two front pieces and one back dress piece.  

Now you can get started following the pattern instructions.  I seem to have not put away the instructions when I was done and I can't find them anywhere in the mess that is my dining/sewing room, but I think I remember pretty well, so if something is out of order from what the instructions are in the pattern, follow that pattern just making the changes when you get to that section...

First is the collar.  The only change here is to sew the piping on before stitching the top collar to the bottom collar.

Next, for the placket, if you are extending it to the bottom of the dress, sew both sides on according to the instructions for the right placket (the one with the flat bottom on the wearer's left)

Now continue following the pattern until it is time to hem the sleeves and bottom.

Finish the raw edge then fold up 1.5" and press.

Open it back up and pin the piping so that the part you are going to stitch is right on top of the crease.

See how when I fold it the piping hangs just off the fabric...

When you get to the end curve the piping up and away from the raw edge.

It should look like this...

Now fold the hem back up along the crease and stitch in should be able to see the piping along the bottom edge, but I forgot to take pics for this part and this was the closest pic I had to what it should look like...

Now, fold the bottom edge up (towards the RS of the dress) 3/4"; press and stitch in place.  You can either "stitch in the ditch between the piping and fabric with your machine or hand tack it...totally up to you...I use my machine cause well I'm lazy...if you look closely you can see a little spot where I wasn't quite "in the ditch", but oh well no one will see that under her arm!

Repeat these steps for the hem of the dress.

Now baste the piping to both the long edges of one of the belt loop strips.  Then, with RS together stitch the other one to it, leaving the short sides open; turn; press; and cut into four equal lengths; stitch 2 in front and two in back according to the pattern instructions (these will be under the a version)

Repeat the same steps for the belt except you will stitch all the way around, leaving about a 4" opening to turn it RS out; press; stitch opening closed using a ladder stitch.

I clip my piping at the corners to make it easier to bend.

And that's it!  Hope yours comes out long enough so that your little one can wear it!  And I would love to see pics!!

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Love the piping and this dress. The pink and green combination is so preppy, sort of Lily Pulitzer, love it. Great job, so professional.

Lauranie said... scary!! You always make things look so easy!! LOVE the fabric, so cute! And it will totally work with leggins, maybe even a poofier "pettiskirt" underneath?? I don't know girl, you will make it work!! :)

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