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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion & Flair Friday ~ Monarch Butterfly Dress, Finishing the Skirt

Well, there really isn't a whole lot to it.  Once you've made the underskirt, safety pin it to either a dress form or yourself and just start pinning the wings on.

I really don't have much advise, except start in the back one one side of your opening (you'll sew this opening together later) and work your way around to the other side one wing at a time (you would work from left to right, start in one of the white sections, then end at the other)....And if you are wondering why my lining is black and white, its because, as I mentioned on FB, I wanted it to be more full, so instead of going out and buying more netting, I decided to hack some more fabric off the bridesmaids dress I used to make my sisters Marilyn Dress.  I figured, a) it's already lined, and b) it's FREE!!!  Can't beat it!

Anywho, isn't it sad looking now!  I'm fairly certain I can salvage what's left of the top and make something...already got a few ideas rolling around in this crazy little head of for when it will get done...that's going to be a whole nother story!!! lol

Moving on...

Here's how mine ended up looking.  I only used four of my six wings.  My only advice is work your way around and play with the positioning.  Typically, I pinned each wing at three spots:  dead center (between the top and bottom portion of the wing) and then a little to the left and a little to the right, depending on how much I needed to lift the wing.  

In some spots, I even had to sort of fold pieces up towards the waist to get the look I wanted, and keep the wing from looking bunched up.

Oh, btw, please excuse my horribly filthy mirror...guess I could've windex-ed before using it to take pics, huh.  ; )

You can see in these pics in some spots it sort of stuck up over the waist, don't worry about that.  We'll just cut it off once it's sewn biggie.  Just maneuver them however you need to get the look you want. 

Here's a nice blurry view of my behind...but I wanted you to see how the wings sort of overlap in the back to close off the skirt....that's what you're going for.

Oh, and  if you're like me with no dress form and have to pin the skirt to yourself, here's a few tips...

1)  Do NOT bend over to pick up a pin you've dropped!  
2)  Pin sideways!!!

Trust me!  It's nothin' nice!

Once you take it off, pin it in place well.  Make sure you leave 1/2" on either side so that you can sew the zipper on without sewing it to the lining....If you look closely at either side you can see the little bit of lining sticking out.

Like so...

Set your stitch to about 5mm long, turn it over so that you can see the edge of the lining and stitch the wings to the lining with a half inch seam allowance.  Once they are stitched together trim off the excess wings.  (that black part that's sticking out the top), and you're done!...for now

If you're wanting to move ahead, all that's left is to pin the skirt to the bodice RS facing and stitch.  Insert the zipper according to the zipper/pattern's instructions, and hand stitch the feather trim to the bodice!  Then, you will be completely done!!!  Woohoo!  

I will the instructions with pics tomorrow night.  Email me if you have questions!!!


Sharon said...

I love it so far! I can't wait to see it finished!

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